Saturday, April 03, 2010


The eggs are coloured, the candy made, and I fully expect to be roused well before sunrise to delighted screams of, "Look what the Easter Bunny brought."

It was a tough slog this year, what with getting sick (twice) along with the usual stuff. I knew it was going to be bad when the bowl of blue egg dye slid from between my fingers and hit the floor unnoticed by me until I heard the crash. I never even felt it. Thankfully, it didn't stain.

The other day, Danny seriously asked if I was "ever not sick." That was hard. I suppose he's started to notice other children's mothers get around easier. I really try not to become self-pitying, but it takes a pretty determined effort.

So let me tell you about the chocolate eggs. I have chocolate moulds that are egg halves that you mould and stick together with melted chocolate on the seam. I made a very rich, bittersweet truffle for the centres, and white chocolate for the coating. Before pouring in the white chocolate for the shell, I filled the moulds with edible bunny and flower decorations. They are about as perfect a chocolate egg as one could hope for. I really hope he likes them, though I think Danny will flip out when he sees the kaleidescope. I always wanted stuff like that when I was a child.

Being an interfaith family makes it interesting when the holidays overlap this way, but children really do seem to take it all in stride, even if he does think I'm "making up" the story of the Resurrection.

To those readers who celebrate it, I hope you have a lovely Easter.

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