Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Oh, I know-they're "beneficial", and all that. I still don't like them in my house. I've never seen this many bees and wasps this early in the season-they're aggressive too, dive-bombing the kitchen window.

The ants showed-up in the bathroom this year. Those giant water-bug-esque things that live outside are finding their way inside *shudder*. Last night, I lay awake listening to something large (cat? Squirrel? raccoon? (God forbid) in the outside wall scurrying into the attic. I mean, come on-the weather warmed up...get the hell out of my walls. Did I mention the mosquitoes? The flies?

I expect a certain amount of this every year (I mean, we live on a farm, it isn't exactly unexpected) but I've never seen an explosion like this, in April. I have a feeling we're in for some serious grasshopper damage this Summer.

Add to all this the solitary mouse who keeps escaping our traps. Maybe I should invite one of the cats in to earn their keep.

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