Thursday, June 04, 2009


My slips are finally wearing through, though it has been a good twenty years since I bought any. I really won't wear a dress or skirt without one, unless it is over a hundred degrees and humid. Clothes fit and hang better with a slip. Anyway, I couldn't find suitable replacements in stores because they are all flimsy nylon deals that will fall apart by the third washing. I've been patiently sewing mine back together and hoping I could find something I'd like.

Well, look at what I found today. What's more, they also sell cotton tights which I really prefer for winter. The prices are fantastic too.

So now when I'm accidentally exposing myself to all the old men in town, at least I'll have a nice modest slip and stockings made by Old Order Mennonites from Pennsylvania.

The aprons are really lovely as well.

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Lisa said...

I can honestly say I haven't worn a slip in 20 years. I'm glad you found a good source!